Turn to Jesus instead of toxic “spiritual food”!

Did you know? …..Food laced with toxins doesn’t necessarily look or smell bad. Consuming it can make us mildly ill or even cause death, depending on the type and amount of toxin.

I got to thinking …. it’s that way with “toxic” spiritual food too! Meeting our deep spiritual needs except through Jesus can seem appetizing and satisfying….. but be careful! Lurking behind the pleasure and self-satisfaction of food behaviors, work, shopping, sex, self-image, attention-seeking … or whatever else we turn to besides Jesus  … are “spiritual toxins”. They may look appetizing on the surface but inside them is the potential for an unhealthy spirit, soul and body.

The only trustworthy spiritual nourishment is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Let’s cling to God’s promise in Psalm 34:8 “Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man who goes to him for safety”.  Jesus says He is the “Bread of Life” in John 6:35 in proclaiming that whoever comes to Him will not hunger and whoever believes in Him shall never thirst.

I love how definite God is about how He feeds us spiritually! Going to Him we will NOT hunger; believing in Him, we will NEVER thirst. That’s not an assurance we can get from over-eating, under-eating, gruelling exercise rules, punishing work hours or even another human being.

I urge you to turn to Jesus for satisfying, life-giving spiritual nourishment…… free of harmful effects. And I pray that you will stay hungry for Jesus!

This article was originally published on Judy Gatehouses’ Hungry for Jesus blog.